While bidets have long been a common fixture in bathrooms throughout Europe and Asia, they have only lately begun to acquire popularity in the United States. Consider it a sophisticated version of toilet paper used to clean the genital and anal regions after using the restroom.

Bidets come in various designs, from simple models to cutting-edge, electronic bidet seats. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of installing a bidet in your bathroom!

7 Benefits of Installing Bidets in Bathrooms

Better Hygiene

Bidets are intended to clean the genital and anal regions after using the restroom, which can be especially helpful for people with mobility challenges, the elderly, or people with specific medical concerns. In contrast to toilet paper, bidets use water to clean the region thoroughly, eliminating bacteria and halting the spread of germs.

Lowered Environmental Impact

The typical person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper in a day, which can generate a considerable quantity of waste over time. Since toilet paper is no longer necessary, less waste is disposed of in landfills thanks to bidets. Also, bidets use far less water than the quantity needed to create the same amount of toilet paper.

Cost Savings

Although buying and installing a bidet may seem pricey at first, it can end up saving you money. Bidet use removes the necessity for toilet paper, which can build up to be rather expensive over time. A bidet’s ability to use less water than a regular toilet can also help you save money on your water bill.

Enhanced Comfort

The experience of using a bidet is intended to be more opulent and comfortable than using regular toilet paper. Water can be calming and invigorating for those with sensitive skin or specific medical concerns. Additionally, some bidets have extra amenities like heated seats and air dryers that can make the experience even more comfortable.

Health Advantages

Bidet has health advantages as well. Using conventional toilet paper can irritate and potentially result in micro-abrasions, which raise the possibility of infection. By using water to clean the skin, bidets lessen the likelihood of irritation and infection. Also, people suffering from illnesses like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and inflammatory bowel disease may find bidets very therapeutic.

Simple to Install

Installing a bidet is relatively easy, especially if you already have plumbing for a regular toilet. Bidets come in various styles, including independent devices and bidet seats that may be added to your current toilet. Also, some bidets are made simple to clean and maintain, saving time and effort.

Improved Quality of Life

And finally, adding a bidet to your bathroom can raise your standard of living. The bathroom experience is improved and relaxed by bidets, which offer a level of cleanliness and comfort that is impossible to reach with conventional toilet paper.

There you have it! Bidets are an excellent addition to any bathroom and provide a host of advantages that conventional toilet paper just can’t match. There are countless reasons to consider installing a bidet in your home.

Thus, why not try it and discover what the hype is about? Contact a reliable plumbing company today to select the ideal bidet for you. Your posterior will appreciate it, we promise.