replacing sewer line

Sewer lines are an essential component of any residential or commercial facility. In order to protect the health and safety of those in their immediate vicinity, they are in charge of the safe disposal of garbage and sewage. Like any other component of a building, sewer lines may occasionally develop problems that call for repair or replacement. This blog post will discuss the many types of sewer line repair techniques.

3 Types of Sewer Line Repair Methods


Traditional Sewer Line Repair

Traditional sewer line repair entails digging a hole in the ground to reach the broken pipe. This technique is often applied when the pipe has collapsed or is substantially damaged.

The damaged section is taken out and replaced with a new pipe after the pipe has been exposed. Due to the need for excavation and the removal of the existing pipe, this procedure can be time-taking and costly.

Priority 1 Plumbing can provide excavation services to access the broken pipe if you require a traditional sewer line repair. We use the most up-to-date tools and methods to complete the repair fast and effectively while causing the least disruption to the homeowner’s premises.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless sewer line repair is a relatively new technique of sewer line repair. It entails replacing or repairing the damaged pipe without excavating using highly advanced equipment. There are two types of trenchless sewer line repair: pipe lining and pipe bursting.

  • Pipe Lining

A flexible liner covered in epoxy resin is inserted into the broken pipe as part of the pipe lining procedure. After that, the glue hardens, and the liner is inflated to create a new, continuous pipe within the old one. This technique may be finished quickly and doesn’t require excavation, making it perfect for pipes with minimal damage or cracks.

  • Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting entails rupturing the broken pipe and shoving a new pipe through the opening it left behind. Usually, pipelines that have collapsed or been seriously damaged are repaired using this technique. It can be finished without excavation and is quicker than traditional sewer line repairs.

Priority 1 Plumbing provides pipe lining and pipe bursting services for homeowners that choose trenchless sewer line repair. We only employ top-notch supplies and tools to guarantee that the repair is done right and lasts for many years.

Hydro Jetting

Cleaning away obstructions and blockages in sewer pipes is done by hydro jetting. It entails flushing out any buildup or dirt in the pipe with high-pressure water. This technique is frequently employed with other repair techniques to ensure the sewer system is thoroughly cleansed and in good functioning order.

To sum it up, the safe disposal of trash and sewage depends on the repair of sewer lines. Trenchless sewage line repair, hydro jetting, and traditional sewer line repair are all reliable ways to fix sewer lines. Homeowners can get help from Priority 1 Plumbing with any of these services to make sure their sewer lines are safe and reliable. Feel free to contact Priority 1 Plumbing for assistance if you have problems with your sewer lines.